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It's All About Digital

I Have Been Passionate about digital design for as long as I can Remember!

Everything I know about digital design, I have taught myself over the years.  I started off with 2D drawing.

I then moved into games and app design.  I created several games and even had some on Google play.  Due to technology in this area changing so quickly, I found it difficult to keep up, so decided to no longer pursue this area.

I came across blender and found 3D graphics to be right up my street.  I have created several 3D images for my wifes websites and created a scene as an entry into a competition.

JB Digital Designs

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Programmes I've Used
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Graphics Designer

Proficiency 70%
Proficiency 85%
3DX Max
Proficiency 50%
Construct 2
Proficiency 80%
Proficiency 40%
Proficiency 80%