JB Digital Designs

I am JB Digital Designs | 3D Generalist.  Everything I know about 3D, 2D, animations etc. I taught myself.  I am constantly researching the latest technology and trends to keep as up-to-date as possible.

At present, I am using a programme called Blender. I have taught myself how to use this programme and thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.

When time allows, I enter competitions with the projects I’ve created using Blender.
Blenderartists.Org has weekend competitions just for fun. 

JB Digital Designs | 3D Generalist - Head and shoulder shot of Jeff

It's All About Digital

I Have Been Passionate about digital design for as long as I can Remember!

Everything I know about digital design, I have taught myself over the years.  I started off with 2D drawing.

I then moved into games and app design.  I created several games and published them on Google play.  Due to the technology in this area changing so quickly, I found it difficult to keep up, so decided to no longer pursue this area.

I came across blender and found 3D graphics to be right up my street.  I have created several 3D images for my wife’s websites and I create different projects for different types of competitions to keep myself up to date.

If you would like me to create a project for you, just contact me for more information.

What Do I Do?

Dancing 80's Orc

Animated Shorts

My animated shorts are short stories that I’ve created.  Some are close to my heart, while others are more light-hearted.  All have been created using Blender.

3D Tests

I use 3D tests to see how the model/subjects look from all angles.  This helps me to check all parts of the model work while being animated.

Bowl full of red apples

3D Models

These show off my individual models in more detail.  These may have been taken from a scene or short film that I later produced.

Comic strip about electric chair batteries leaking

Cartoon Strips

My wife is a disability blogger/reviewer (cazbarr.co.uk) and I created these strips to go alongside her blogs.

Programmes I use

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