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My hobby is about everything digital. I have taught myself how to use different programmes to produce 2D images, 3D projects, Animations and even online games.

At present, I am using a programme called Blender. I have taught myself how to use this programme and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.

I sometimes enter art competitions with my projects I created using Blender.
Blenderartists.Org has weekend compactions just for fun. 

This is my entry for this weeks compaction, the category was called Screwman. 

A little bit about my digital projects

So what do I do?

I love creating things, whether this be manual work, like scroll saw, pyrography or digital work on my computer.

Kids alien character called Fidgit - Yellow in colour with long thin ears that meet the floor

2D is “flat”, using the horizontal and vertical (X and Y) dimensions, the image has only two dimensions and if turned to the side becomes a line.

Animation involves the exploitation and management of still images to generate the illusion of movement.

Chess board with the pieces in their starting positions

3D imaging is a technique to develop or create the illusion of depth in an image. 3D imaging is the process of manipulating 2D data into three dimensional format, creating the illusion of depth.